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Zimhero is  offer domains at a very affordable  in zimbabwe  and you always find the support, here are features offered by Zimhero web solutions 

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free DNS forwarding
  • Free Id protecting  

Domain Registration

Please click on the link below and check if your domain is available for registration and fill out the form below

Domain  Pricing

.com 17.00 usd

.net 20.00 usd

.org 19.50 usd $ 5 usd $5 usd

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Important shared hosting features explained

Important shared hosting features explained

Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting plan in Zimbabwe and around the world. When choosing a hosting provider, many people will face the dilemma of whether they should choose the shared hosting, dedicated servers, or virtual private server. The size of the market...

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HOW TO FLUSH YOUR DNS CACHE ON WINDOW CMD Clearing your DNS cache improves your page speed load time and resolves issues of not seeing your website online   There are tons of way of flushing your DNS The first start is going through the command prompt which is...

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Domain Registration in Zimbabwe

Domain Registration in Zimbabwe

What is a domain name A domain name is your website name. An identity name given to your website so that your users find you easily on the internet. Technically, A domain name is an IP (Internet Protocol) address tied to your brand name, for example,

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Hosting a Website in Zimbabwe

Hosting a Website in Zimbabwe

How to host a website in Zimbabwe The process requires 2 steps normally domain registration and web hosting of your choice which means domain + web hosting = website Domain registration is an IP address information of your company name, for example,...

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What is VPS Hosting in Zimbabwe

What is VPS Hosting in Zimbabwe

VPS is whereby a single server is divided into 4 computers through virtualization software, Vps can give you access to own your own personal server. one with an allocated number of resources and a pre-installed operating system of your choice. Why choose VPS VPS...

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Our Features


Zimhero offer 1 simple click wordpress installation and more that 30+ Auto Script 


Zimhero offer 24/7 best customer support through live chat support and whatsapp


Every website hosted on zimhero cloud will have a free auto installation ssl certificate 




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