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You can have a fully personalized email address that looks more professional with zimhero  Email hosting. Having an email address that matches your company name will help to strengthen your brand and make it easier for customers to remember it. You can also set up separate email addresses for different aspects of your company (for example, support@yourcompany.co.zw and sales@yourcompnay.co.zw).zimhero web solutions offer email hosting services in Zimbabwe at a very reasonable price.


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Benefits of Personalized Company Email Addresses


People have preconceived notions and expectations about what a company email account should look like. There are billions of Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook accounts in use, and your customers use those email accounts to communicate with their friends and family on a casual basis. To increase their trust in your company, you must do things differently and begin using custom email accounts that are linked to your company domain name.


When you have a single domain name, it makes email addresses simpler and easier to remember. Even if someone sends an email to inf@yourbusiness.com, which does not exist, there are default accounts that are used to receive email messages to non-existent email accounts. You will never lose an email if you use a custom email account.


Business email hosting Zimbabwe helps set personalized email accounts for your business. With a custom domain, you can set any email account you want, there’s no restriction as to the email names you can create.


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