Importance of a website in Zimbabwe
Published:7 May, 2020

Importance of a website in Zimbabwe

Importance of a website in ZImbabwe
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A website is an online company office, where you put your contact details, payment details, services, and products. 90% of companies have websites and uses those websites to market and advertise their services and products. The importance of a website in Zimbabwe is the first survey you should take before you invest in that website. Not every business can be successful by having a website. Many people in Zimbabwe don’t use the internet each and every day, and so you have to be considerate of the website investment.


1. Online Presence

The online presence of a company is pivotal to the company’s success. Much of the business activity is totally driven by search engine referrals and so it’s so much important that you learn to advertise your business services or products on the internet.


2. Easy Customer Interface

With a website, it’s easy for your company’s customer service team to engage with your clients, and customers in a very manageable way. There are countless live chat systems such as which you can integrate with your website to offer real-time communications with your customers.


3. Building Credibility

A website makes your company look more credible and less thuggery. It is therefore important that you hire a website designer who knows the design patterns of a credible and respected company. Zimhero can help you with a website design that can improve your online presence in very significant ways.


4. Sales Boost

E-commerce is a form of commerce where much of the buying and selling activity is online based. If your company has projects and or services which you think are convenient to sell online then there’s a lot of potential that you can boost your sales significantly with a website acting as a shop.


5. Opportunities Abroad

There are many Zimbabweans in the diaspora and many of them want to promote home businesses here in Zimbabwe. If your services or products are of value to many of the Zimbabweans in other countries, then it’s important you invest in your website because it’ll give your company and business value.



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