shared hosting Explained
Published:29 Jul, 2020

shared hosting Explained

Viewed as the most basic web hosting plan, Shared hosting simply refers to what it ‘denotes’… Web-users sharing the same server (host). This plan is a form of web hosting that uses the resources of one physical web server to cater for multiple websites. Depending on the size of the physical web server, a relatively large number of users ranging from a few hundred to a thousand can share the same host.

Customers utilising this style have access to certain features including database, monthly traffic, dick space, email accounts and any other additional services offered by the host. Since the server’s resources are at the disposal of everyone, the hosting plan is suitable for websites and blogs without enhanced configurations, high traffic or in need of excessive bandwidth.

 When the user base becomes more engage, the provisional resources offered by this style are often inadequate to support your website’s increasing traffic. You are bound to consider other hosting style to accommodate the growth of your sites. Nevertheless, multiple sites can be set up under one user account. A benevolent feature for beginners looking to get acquainted with the intricacies of been online.

Advantages of shared web hosting include the following:


  • Chief among the benefits of shared web hosting is the affordability of the style itself. Shared hosting has a unique suave that, most certainly, appeals to people setting up a small business or without much traffic. Since sharing the physical webserver will help share the expenses, the hosting plan presents the most cost effective way to get your website online. The package may also offer additional features such as a domain name and marketing tools to assist you.

In-house Support

  • Most of the necessary upkeep and support needed for the physical server to operate efficiently is duly performed by the hosting company. Most hosting companies offering this particular plan are prepared to monitor the server. Any technical problems and security concerns are met with prompt response and solutions. This guarantees that all site are up and running with mitigated interruptions from downtime. Since most of the sites are without advanced configurations, the administrative duties required to maintain sites are not that demanding allowing to focus on the growth of your business with no worries.


  • The simple reason that shared hosting does not require advance Linux administration skills is another decisive fact for most people to settle for the plan. For those who opt for this package, there is no need to be conversant with advanced technical capabilities of building highly configured websites. Whether you choose to employ a professional web designer or have it your way, efficient and easy to use tools are made available to help with the set up and configuration of your websites.  With a user friendly control panel interface, you can perfectly design your sites and attract more traffic to your site.

Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting

Nevertheless, shared hosting is not without its own limitations. Some of the disadvantages of this hosting plan includes;


  • Most users on this type of hosting are occasionally frustrated when the plan fails to maintain high traffic volumes. Once your website start to experience an extensive audience, sooner or later, you will notice slow operation from your website. This will considerably have a massive impact on your business. If your website poorly performs you might fail to respond to your clients and customers in time.

Not Highly Secure

  • Besides the housing keeping efforts by your host to maintain efficiency and guarantee security, the plan itself is not entirely secure enough for a business that accepts credits through a payment gateway. Using the platform whilst ensuring the confidentiality and safety of your clients’ financial information can be a huge problem for you.

Limited Shared hosting cannot facilitate websites with custom software and enhanced configurations. Although the platform is perfect for web owners who develop sites with conventional Content Management Systems such as Word Press, you cannot run applications with advance programming. Any website designed or constituting

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