So you want to be a blogger in Zimbabwe
Published:29 Apr, 2020

So you want to be a blogger in Zimbabwe

So you want to be a blogger in Zimbabwe

So you want to be a blogger in Zimbabwe

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Blogging is the art of storytelling, knowledge, experience sharing. It can take many shapes, the most famous being a hobby or for earning money. Blogging in Zimbabwe is still in its infancy stages, nobody writes content for the sake of writing and sharing. However, many young people have started blogging and creating content, sharing their experiences and knowledge. Let’s look at why people blog on the first place.


Why people blog in Zimbabwe

There are many reasons why people blog in Zimbabwe. The idea of blogging helps people of all backgrounds and education express themselves. Here are some of the reasons why people blog.


1. Hobby

Many people have knowledge and experiences that they can share with other people for free. It is one of the most common reason why people start blogging. To avoid unnecessary people choose blogging sites such as Tumblr and Googles Blogspot which are free to use.


2. Money

It’s also very easy for a person to write content and build an audience who might be interested in a certain market niche. There are many successful stories of people who started blogging and earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing and advertising.


3. Branding

A company can create a blog where they tell people about their products and services. 90% of companies own a blog and they blog about their services or topics which lure their potential customers.


Starting a blog in Zimbabwe

Before you start writing content and making your presence on the internet, you need to plan on the type of content you want to write about. Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to get started.


1. Find a topic

Winning an audience is hard nowadays. A lot of people are writing content and publishing on the internet making it competitive for search engines to rank your content. Therefore, the first step for every blog is to find your blogging topic. This can be anything that interests you and has knowledge of it.


2. Creating a website

A website is needed for every blogger. Before you start writing your content, you need a media to share your blog posts. There are many free platforms that can run your blogs, such as Tumblr and Google Blogspot. But I highly advise hiring a web designer to develop who can create a website for you.


3. Writing content

After designing and customizing your website, you need a lot of content to post and index on google search engines.

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