what is called Email Routing in cpanel
Published:5 Feb, 2024

what is called Email Routing in cpanel


In cPanel, email routing refers to the process of determining how incoming emails for a domain should be handled and delivered. This setting specifies how the mail server should route and manage email messages for a particular domain hosted on the cPanel server. There are typically several options available for email routing in cPanel:

1. Automatically Detect Configuration (Local, Remote, Backup):

This option allows cPanel to automatically detect the best configuration for email routing based on the server’s setup.

2. Local Mail Exchanger:

With this option, the server will handle email delivery locally. This is suitable when the server is the primary mail server for the domain.

3. Backup Mail Exchanger:

This option is used when the server is set up as a backup mail server. If the primary mail server is unavailable, the backup mail server (your cPanel server) will store incoming emails until the primary server becomes accessible.

4. Remote Mail Exchanger:

Choose this option if you want emails to be routed to a remote mail server. This is useful when your email services are hosted on a different server, and cPanel should forward emails to that remote server.


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