whats is called a vps hosting Zimbabwe
Published:19 Nov, 2020

whats is called a vps hosting zimbabwe

Although growth is sometimes imperceptible, it is definitely inevitable. When your website expands beyond the confines of shared hosting, and yet there is a need to upgrade your account to an alternative that maintains high performance at a reasonable price, you should consider VPS as the perfect substitute for shared hosting.

The acronym VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. The hosting style uses virtualization software to partition one physical server into multiple sections. These sections are referred to as ‘virtual’ servers. They, characteristically, act like dedicated servers with each ‘virtual’ server retaining autonomy from the other ‘virtual’ servers present. Hence, unlike Shared web hosting, users on a VPS hosting plan have discrete access to their own ‘virtually designed’ dedicated machines.

The most notable feature of VPS hosting is how it is capable of running its own copy of an Operating System (OS). Additionally, the type of web hosting is capable of offering people provisional resources that are sufficient to support more than one website. With a reservation of exclusive resources that cannot be exploited by anyone else, you are assured that the performance of your sites is always top-notch.

VPS hosting is divided into managed and unmanaged VPS. Managed VPS is when your hosting company handles the setup and install control panels so that managing the account is easy for the client. Unmanaged VPS is when the client has to do everything. This is relatively affordable but requires clients to be conversant with the technical skills required to properly set up the environment for their sites to operate efficiently.

While VPS web hosting is not the ultimate hosting plan when it comes to extreme performance, the plan itself is a perfect proxy for people looking to increase space, improve bandwidth usage and keep up with high levels of web traffic. The package also indulges people looking for significant control of the server, enhancing the privacy of their sites or substantial backup and file storage. When you need more, you are certainly recommended to upgrade your hosting plan to VPS web hosting.

VPS hosting has been a popular choice for the following reasons;

Simply Affordable.

  • Commonly described as the ‘economical bridge’ between the inexpensive shared hosting and the costly dedicated hosting, VPS is simply affordable. Since the plan simulates services offered to users on a highly advanced Dedicated Web Hosting plan, the prices are somewhat reasonable. Users on a VPS account are afforded their own ‘virtual’ servers with more resources reserved for their websites. This affords users the flexibility necessary for their sites to become expendable.


  • Since this particular plan largely mimic services on a Dedicated Web Hosting, clients on a VPS account enjoy the privilege of modifying the environment. Users are allowed to install enhanced configurations and upgraded software. This enables them to make changes to their own ‘virtual’ servers. A feature highly appealing to most web developers,


  • Since your sites are without any interaction with other sites on the physical server due to the isolation created by the virtual walls, the security of your websites and emails and guaranteed. When your neighbor uses a harmful script, application, or any other corrupted files you won’t need to worry about any risks since you’re protected by a virtual wall. Therefore, you won’t suffer from the bad neighbor effect experience associated with shared hosting.

However, VPS is without its own disadvantages. Some of the cons consist of;

Challenging to Monitor

  • VPS hosting is always required technical experience to control your server. Unlike shared hosting, clients on this account are required to possess technical to configure and control their virtual servers. Although they can register for managed VPS to ease the problem, the plan comes with an additional fee that they should pay to the host to ensure that their accounts are professionally maintained.

Limited Resources

  • Although you are allocated chunks of resources that are at your disposal, they may not be sufficient to sustain your sites if they continue to grow or attract massive traffic and attention. Unlike dedicated hosting where the entire physical server is yours, VPS has sections with proportional resources that are allotted to each virtual server and easily exhausted with time.


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