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How to use your own custom business emails Zimbabwe
Published:8 May, 2020
Email hosting in Zimbabwe
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Custom business email hosting in Zimbabwe

Custom business emails in Zimbabwe is a necessity if you want your business brand to be visible and respected. Many people in businesses are still using Gmail. yahoo or outlook email accounts to communicate with your clients and that’s very detrimental to your business. What if tell you that you have lost customers because you have been using a public email account to advertise and communicate with your clients. Business email hosting Zimbabwe can help you manage your business emails and attain respect from your customers. In case you don’t understand the benefits of using custom emails. Here are the advantages:


Advantages of using custom business email addresses

1. Credibility

People have expectation and perceptions of what a company email account should look like. There are billions gmail, yahoo or outlook accounts in use, and your customers uses those email accounts to communicate casually with their friends and family. To boost their confidence in your company, you have to do things differently and start using custom email accounts which are tied to your company domain name.


2. Simplicity

When you have a single domain name, it’s simple and easier to remember the email addresses. Even if a person sends an email to inf@yourbusiness.com which does not exist, there are default accounts that are used to receive email messages to email accounts that do not exist. With a custom email account, you will never lose an email.


3. Personalisation

Business email hosting Zimbabwe helps set personalized email accounts for your business. With a custom domain, you can set any email account you want, there’s no restriction as to the email names you can create.


How to have your business custom email accounts in Zimbabwe

  • You start by choosing a domain for your company.
  • Then, buy a domain name from Zimbabwe domain registration.
  • After that, you subscribe to a cheap shared hosting server from zimhero web hosting.
  • Login to your cPanel
  • Create email accounts
  • You’re done


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