Domain Registration in Zimbabwe
Published:3 Feb, 2020

What is a domain name

A domain name is your website name. An identity name given to your website so that your users find you easily on the internet. Technically, A domain name is an IP (Internet Protocol) address tied to your brand name, for example, is our IP address in the form of a name. Domain registration zimbabwe companies in Zimbabwe started for some time now and many people have been registering domain names for their business websites.

How to choose a domain name

Choosing a domain is a very important stage for every business. It’s advised to take your time and research a good domain name for your business. Let’s explore some aspects to consider when buying your domain name

Easy to type domain name

People must not struggle to type your domain name on their browser. Avoid using unpopular words and slang, rather use straight forward, popular, short names.

Easy to remember

A domain name must be easy to remember, you don’t have to keep reminding your customers about your domain name. Make it as easy as you can. This will help you increase traffic to your website as people will find you easily on the internet.

Use keywords

It’s highly advised that you include a precise description of your services in your domain. Try to use keywords as it will help your domain look relevant and promising to internet surfers. Keywords will also help in search engine optimization.

Location targeting

If your domain name is limited to a certain physical location like a city or country, it’s best to include your location as part of the domain name.

Fitting domain extension

There are thousands of domain extensions, the .com, .co,.net, org……Each of these extensions has a specific business area that fit’s them.

  • .com – The most universal domain extension. It inspires trust in your business brand.
  • .net – For technical and Internet Infrastructure purposes.
  • .me – blogs, personal websites
  • .co – for companies and businesses.

How to register a domain in Zimbabwe

Registering a local domain has become easy in Zimbabwe especially with  Zimhero Team, simple you need to give us your name, surname, organization name, your desired domain name, physical address, domucillium(where the organization or business document are delivered to) and nameserver(where you want your domain name to reside to or where your servers are located) and that all for more info information you can contact on this page

Did you know that it takes up to 41.90 bond rtgs to register your very own domain in Zimbabwe on Zimbabwe domain registration?

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