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Hosting a Website in Zimbabwe
Published:3 Feb, 2020

How to host a website in Zimbabwe

The process requires 2 steps normally domain registration and web hosting of your choice which means domain + web hosting = website

Domain registration is an IP address information of your company name, for example, www.zimhero.com  is an example of a domain name

Web hosting – is  a computer where your website resides there are  3 types of hosting namely shared hosting, virtual private hosting, and dedicated server

Is it possible for me to have a website live on a worldwide web?

Yes it is very possible all you need to do is look for a reliable domain registration company and a reliable web hosting company just like Zimhero.com


Is it possible for me to have a website live on a worldwide web without web hosting?

No, it’s not possible since your domain needs to point to a server though nameserver which is hosting.


Did  you know that Zimhero offer shared hosting at very affordable pricing in Zimbabwe for more information you can view our shared hosting plan here


Benefits of using zimhero shared hosting 

Our pricing is very affordable

Best live chat support via WhatsApp

We offer 1 click WordPress install

Zimhero offer free SSL certificate to its valued clients


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