What is VPS Hosting in Zimbabwe
Published:3 Feb, 2020

VPS is whereby a single server is divided into 4 computers through virtualization software, Vps can give you access to own your own personal server. one with an allocated number of resources and a pre-installed operating system of your choice.

Why choose VPS

VPS provides peace of mind from small business owners and medium business owners and they offer many benefits for example

-User will have full root access and ssh, as compared, shared, VPS gives you the freedom to anything since you have the authority do anything on your computer

-User will have the ability to host multiple websites (based on the disk allocated on the package)

-user will have the ability to choose his or her desired operating system of his choice

-VPS is highly stable and secure

-Vps very cost-effective

-on a virtual private server, you pay only what you use

-hosting a website on VPS very faster as compared to shared hosting

Are all virtual Private Server Managed?

the answer is yes Zimhero web hosting offers fully managed VPS in Zimbabwe the management level includes the best support and assistance in everything you need for your server you be up and running. We also include a control panel system like

cPanel, Plesk, Interworx and others like DirectAdmin, Webmin, and centos web panel

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